That Rude Awakening

Welcome to the harsh reality of mountain biking without proper training, that is the message I received from my body as we fought through the 60km Fedhealth MTB Challenge, hosted at Meerendal on Sunday. Those lazy mornings of rather going to the spin class then face the cold and dark riding your bike, or the infamous snooze button that kept you lying in a bit later finally caught up with me – Extreme suffering! Now the buck stops here and the training will go into full motion again. Although I enjoyed the ride I had to dig deep at stages to keep on going, missing that base endurance. All said and done it was a great ride and the event organisers (Stillwater Sports) really created a whole family weekend of mountain biking and growing the sport with young and old. I’ll be back next year and the event will surely be bigger and better (if only I had a T-shirt)

My riding partner (Thinus) and I did pretty well I think as I’m pretty satisfied with the time (although on his own Thinus would probably be an hour quicker) we took to finish. We have an adventure coming up, so watch this space…If only my partner stopped when I fell over and had to rely on the 5-10 cyclists I was holding up on the single track climb to extract my body from the side of the road. Just saying – why ride alone…

Anyway Ride2Nowhere is coming up this weekend and I am really looking forward to it as this event has always been penned in on my cycling diary. Not sure how the body will react to stage racing after the reaction from the 60km one day race. I think the images in the blog says it all – suffering.

So for all of you that haven’t embraced the spring weather (well supposed to be spring) to get active again, do it now or face the suffering I experienced once you get back on the bike again. Apparently I still have quads and they work, I promise you as I can feel them right now. For some reason when you climb for days on end your back doesn’t appreciate that either and neither does those hamstrings, that when they have had enough they send out cramping signals – Try peddling now with us, you masochist they screamed at me. So thankful there was only a few kilometres left…

Enough of that – on the bike we climb!

Apologies for not posting during winter hybernation

Up and down and up and down and up and down and up and up and up

Up and down and up and down and up and down and up and up and up

Did I maybe suffer on the day...

Did I maybe suffer on the day…




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