How To Train Your Fiancé

NO! Not in that way and I am not Hiccup and Dom, my wife to be is not Toothless… (Not sure how this will be taken – toothless – have no bite or is as cool as Toothless the dragon…mmmmm). Love you my Silly!


Early morning rides. The best time there is! #sunrise

Our whole relationship started with me being instructed that I will be her cycling coach for her to do the Cape Town Cycle Tour. From that moment we have not looked back, but life has sort of taken our time to cycle together away from us. Either being through work taking up valuable experiencing the universe time, or a stupid herniated disc I suffered as you all know.


Amazing to be able to ride in our neighbourhood and have this

Our major cycling goal for 2019 is the Ride2Nowhere (you can still enter here to experience an amazing weekend in McGregor) and we seriously need to amp up, or is that commence our training. We’ve managed to go for low intensity bicycle rides of the flatter kind infrequently and from knowing the pain of riding a 3 day MTB race without proper preparation; TITS are required (Time in the saddle) to build up fitness and endurance.


I recently got myself motivated to start training again and over the last two weeks have been spending time on the WattBike in the gym and going for some base building road bike rides, alone. Just not the same without your partner. With work interfering and being in Kenya for more than a week, Dom was unfortunately not been able to join me. And I love doing things with my Toothless Dragon, especially going on bicycle rides as that forms so much of who we are.


The eternal question; how does one go about motivating your dragon, I mean fiancé? Oops I did it again.

Do you promise a bottle of quality red wine at the end of the week when the weekly goals are achieved as one of our friends, that won’t be named for his or her protection, have suggested.  Maybe not, but might have to revisit this offering once the fiancé has read this post (Am I walking on thin ice perhaps? Follow me on Instagram (@Ridder7) to see if I managed to survive this blog post.


I love riding with this Silly one

The one thing I have learnt subtly and abruptly when training your fiancé is to not say NO when asked to please create a training plan. Even though the training plan might be floating around in your own headspace, it needs to be on paper. I should have known from my past suffering in training for the Absa Cape Epic that it is better having clear and defined goals and plans to tick off once completed. This plays a major part in your motivation for training, the success and achievement of actually having completed what you set out to do as part of the goal of the bigger picture training.

Sorry my love, you know I love doing this for you and I’m sure sticking to our plans (that will be on paper soon) we will have a great experience at the Ride2Nowhere, get fit, healthy and enjoy the time together.

Let the journey begin…


Some motivational tips to exercise regularly

1.       Set goals – Start with simple goals and then progress to longer range goals. Remember to make your goals realistic and achievable. It’s easy to get frustrated and give up if your goals are too ambitious.

2.       Make it fun

3.       Make physical activity part of your daily routine – f it’s hard to find time for exercise, don’t fall back on excuses. Schedule workouts as you would any other important activity.

4.       Put it on paper (Yes, yes- I am doing it!)

5.       Join forces with friends, neighbors or others (Pick me Pick Me)

6.       Reward yourself

7.       Be flexible

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