A show of tears

Adventure Whale Blog LogoYou know there are some things that just upset you more than others, for me it was the crack that appeared on my bicycle frame out of nowhere. Debatable as to who is to blame for this. Me being overweight, the drop-off I went down that appeared out of nowhere or when the guys they were trying to get my stuck shock out to be serviced. Let’s just say my mate, Richard Coram at Freewheel Cycology, helping out to get my bicycle fixed are not used to me giving him so many calls in a year. I won’t admit that I nearly broke out in tears when the crack was discovered; it seems that I care a lot for my bicycle. Strange as lately riding it has been associated with lots of pain, the lack of fitness and all. But all said, with the mountain bike in hospital now for repairs I’ve resorted back to the Wattbike and road bike for the time being in training for the Race2Nowhere. (Don’t stress, I won’t be on my road bike in the mountains. I should receive it back just in time to join Andrew Norman on the adventure in McGregor whilst the female of the species will explore the wine farms while we suffer up and down the hills carrying over 100kgs each (Sorry Andrew) – could be more than 110kg’s each, but who is comparing. The fact is my baby will be back and in one piece. Thanks for help Rich and going that extra mile to make sure I can ride again.

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When you bicycle suddenly develops Paget’s disease (weak bones) you need to find a doctor quickly #carbonrepairs

So not having something that is so part of your life available of the fear that you might lose it, especially if you don’t have something or are able to replace it can make one tearful. It might sound stupid but we all have things in life dear to us. And the fact that cycling changed my life for the better, makes the idea of not having one of the things that make me happy available and in one piece, sad. But this is just material and not the be all and end all.

Oom Dries

We will miss you dad. You taught us to have integrity, be loyal, considered, truthful and humble. You will be missed – 11 April 1945 – 17 November 2018

Sadness has recently struck on a personal level as I lost my dad suddenly. Knowing that my dad was always around gave me that assurance that everything will be okay and you could always count on him for sound advice and support. The passing of my dad also made me realise that one has to go out and grab opportunities and do what you want to do and achieve it while you still can and have the opportunity. My dad had two back operations of which the surgery success eventually deteriated and it made his mobility very limited which restricted him being out and about and active in his garden or out fishing. This mere fact drives me now to go out and be active, get on my bike and ride. Go out and do the thing you love before you can’t anymore.

I miss you already dad!
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It’s Like Swimming


When you take that initial plunge…

Yes, I am guilty as charged. I have been neglecting this blog and updating the happenings in my ordinary life and the challenges of getting myself (and Dominique de Lauwere) to spend time in the saddle again. No going back to the sore back analogy and excuses as I have accepted that the lower back pain will be there forever and just need to keep on moving and as some have suggested and instructed – stretch and core strengthening.


Top of Chapman’s Peak in 38 Degrees Celsius Heat. On the way up someone stole my legs as there was nothing to power me up to the top. 

Those that know me know that I am not the keenest person on swimming and always state that I will swim and get into the water if the temperature is 28 degrees Celsius. So I have been recently coerced to taking the first ever swim in our pool at home during the recent heatwave that is blazing down on Cape Town. Now if it is close to 40 degrees outside it does not necessarily mean the water temperature post the winter has risen to acceptable temperatures to bath the body in at all. Now my love swam the day before and the second day of the heatwave the expectation was there for me to take the plunge and apparently swimming is good for recovery post exercise. This does not take away from the anticipation of diving in and the unknown temperature of the water caressing all the tender bodily parts inclusive of the heart and lungs. That ‘chill’ on the body that makes one gasp for air and shiver away into the depths. Well I approach it differently in trying to move in slowly into the pool, step by step which did not do much for acclimatising to the temperature (not 28). Eventually after probably acting like a little baby in my reluctance to get into the pool and being convinced by Dom that the water is beautiful I finally decided on the best way to get in.


Spring is probably the most beautiful time to be riding around the Western Cape. Yes I have been able to go riding a little.

Stop mucking around and just take the plunge. Yes it is a shock to the sensitive bodily system, but is the only way to get into the water without hanging around in the swallow side should I or should I not get in and delaying getting in for that refreshing swim. (Yes, the water was still wet). I have now taken the same philosophy in getting myself back to training – just take the plunge. The only way to get back into it is to just take the plunge and do it. Yes there will be a shock to the system as per the cooler water on the body as one dives in, but the more you out there riding your bike or training, the easier it will get and the shocked system will adapt to know what the norm is again. So if anything is holding you back, just take the plunge and do it, even if the water is wet and not at 28 degrees. Nothing comes easy and it won’t become easier and more enjoyable (aka fitness) if you don’t put yourself out there and do it.


Just outside my front door – #fortunate

I recently had an amazing ride with Andrew Norman (Triptych Resources) as we rode last Sunday and ended of the day with the better halves (Dom and Dianne) at Signal Gun Wine Farm. This ride really inspired me to get out again and enjoy every moment I am on the bicycle, whilst also reducing my presence to be much less than the current 120kg’s. I know it will be tough as we battle the post back hernia issues, but I’d rather be doing something than doing nothing and just complaining that the water is not 28 degrees (you all know what I mean).


I sometimes go soft and take the road bike out as well. Love this bike and love the Peninsula route around the Cape.

Now to get my Silly into that “cycling/training” pool and to rediscover the love of the ride and hopefully I can more frequently update all on this new journey. See you all on the trails and at the Race2Nowhere in McGregor on the 8th of December.

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We were lucky enough to have tickets to the Springboks v All Blacks at Loftus Versfeld in Pretoria. And amazing day with my Silly. Just a pity about the end result for South Africa.