Perseverance or Stupidity…

Now someone told me yesterday that bloggers are only about themselves which got me thinking, how can I blog about someone else.

Well here goes – I rode, or struggled through, the Val de Vie MTB Challenge yesterday, about myself again, dammit! On the start line yesterday it was great to interact with fellow riders

Excited to test the new KTM Scarp Master, maybe I was too excited

Excited to test the new KTM Scarp Master, maybe I was too excited

(yes they were female) that also rode Wines2Whales and it started with, did you ride W2W, yes I said and then, I recognise the bike. Uhm, they being cute and all I did not say that it is the first time I’m riding my new KTM Scarp Master and we all jested about the too serious riders wanting to push through the B bunch to join the A bunch. Later I saw them on route as they passed me and they looked like they were enjoying the race, even if this was just before a mother of a hill. See blogging about someone else and then just after the start riding through the estate Thinus (my racing snake lawyer friend) and myself met Lauren, who somehow knew about this blog (Later the connection was made). No Lauren started mountain biking in February and rode quite well as she kicked my butt (see not blogging about me). Lauren also had the distinction, as Thinus put it, to have fallen twice in 1 kilometer and once going uphill. But the more spectacular fall was the one in the mud – classic.

Ok, enough about other peoples’ experiences at Val de Vie. It was a day I would rather forget on the bike as I persevered to the end as the extreme heat took its toll. Shortness of breath, shivers, dizziness, pounding head, no energy and constant thirst I persevered through to make it to the end (Maybe a day spend at Perseverance Tavern in town would have been better). Thanks to Thinus who rode with me most of the route, I know that in secret he is a racing snake and would like to ride full gas, I just couldn’t. When we started at 08:05 it as already 30 degrees Celsius, the average temperature for my ride was 37.7 degrees with the max 44.1 degrees Celsius. I was nowhere. (See screen shots attached). Of the 4 and half hours I was never in the moderate zone, over and hour in maximal and over 3 hours in hard – Strava listed the ride as epic with a suffer score of 277 and with 168 points in the red. Minimum heart rate was 99, maximum 175 and average heart rate a ‘low’ 155.Val de Vie Movescount

Val de Vie StravaMaybe I should have stopped, maybe I was just stupid. And to top it off it felt that I was at Noordhoek beach, only thing is there was no ocean around and only sand and only sand and only sand and only sand and only sand… you get the picture. It was a nice hike out, never thought I would be taking my bike for a hike, don’t you normally take your dog. I think I finished my whole stock supply of Rehidrat yesterday in about 10 minutes when I got home.

Back to blogging about someone else, congratulations Victor Gardiner on an awesome ride in the 30km race finishing 4th – legendary! And thanks for offering to hang back a bit to ride with me when you passed me on the route and looking forward to doing Xterra Grabouw with you and Tammy as a team next year.  And thanks to Willie for sorting me out with coke (Coca-Cola) after I finished and dizziness took over my body to attempt to collapse me. The cold wet cloth saved my life and the ice cold beer was even better.

So after that, I boxed my bike this morning to attempt Magalies Adventure this weekend and catching up with the HPF boys and gals. Did I mention the ride is at altitude! Maybe like the Proteas I perform better away from home or like New Zealand I never give up (Sorry Ireland).

Suffer baby, suffer!

Then there always Rehidrat - I think I drank 6 liters of this when I got home

Then there always Rehidrat – I think I drank 6 liters of this when I got home