All About The Nerve(s)

With the Cape Town Cycle Tour around the corner I must admit that I am slightly nervous for what lies ahead. Not because I am nervous about the event, or the 35,999 people around you or my limited fitness, all because I’m not sure how my body will react since the recovery from the hernia and damaged nerve is still a work in progress. The power of the right leg is still severely lacking and the legs does get tired and sore when ridig. I.e. not being able to stand unsupported on my right leg by its own is a bit of a hindrance. The biggest is being how my body will hold up and cope over the 108km.

Blast from the past. My first ever Cycle Tour in 2011 with my mate, Evert Ferreira (pictured right) and Christo Engelbrecht. I could not use my hands for three weeks afterwards. Carpal Tunnel syndrome and pinched nerves (Did someone say bike setup)

What is most exciting is that I can finally support Dom de Lauwere in her 2nd first attempt of the Cape Town Cycle Tour after making it to the start chute in 2017 before being blown away and the event as such being cancelled. This time round it looks like fine weather with 4 days to go. So now to take out the road bike and dusting it off to take up the challenge. Ground Hog day as we will line up again with Mr. Andrew Norman who will join us on our excursion

Happiness at the Cape Town Cycle Tour MTB Challenge. Not entirely sure if that was due to being back riding her bike with me or the prospect of a free coffee 🙂 Love it!

in exploring the scenic route of the Cape Town Cycle Tour. Really looking forward to a fun day out and a MUST is the peaches and custard mix for the ride – can’t wait. Watch this space or follow on Instagram @Ridder7 or Twitter @hans_de_ridder for on the day updates. (Is one allowed to stop for beer on the route?)
So stoked to be sharing in De Lauwere’s first attempt and being with her from the start as she attempts her maiden tour. (I am sure there must be some huge nervousness on her side as well, especially with the sometimes-helping hand not as available and capable as previously, but without a doubt I know Dom will reach the finish line of the Cape Town Cycle Tour come Sunday 11 March 2018)

Unclear if good wine and good braai food has anything to do with Discovery thinking I am fat #love2braai

After doing my Discovery Vitality assessment at the end of last week, they kindly enough send me an invitation to join their weight loss program. Not entirely sure how to take that… Do I look fat to them, did my jeans make me look fat, was my plumber area showing when I bent down (I know this can be offensive aka the butt crack), all and all this did make me feel a little fragile so a whole Gatsby sandwich had to be consumed on Sunday (no details will be shared on how many Gatsby’s between myself and De Lauwere and how big it or they were).

Saying that, my clothes have shrunk, and the scale did not have enough digits to measure my current state. Time to reflect and focus on regaining the lean PhatBoy weight. Stop the laziness, get out on the bike and in the gym, no more second helpings, fight off the carb temptations and stretch those clothes to size again.

Hoping the sun will shine through on this Silly one on Sunday hoping she will have an amazing Cape Town Cycle Tour #nowind (Slanghoek Valley)

Getting back to the grind of my training regime will take some dedication and commitment. Nothing that hasn’t been done before. This time just with a slightly different challenge of the malfunctioning nerve and communication error between the brain and the right leg/foot.

Wishing everyone riding a great cycle tour and those doing the Cape Epic, I am a little envious but also a little less broke perhaps than most riding. Maybe 2019 again once the Lotto has been won.
Finding events to do in 2018 is a must seeing that I can’t do the ones we are organising (ENTER NOW AND SUPPORT ME – FNB Magalies Monster, Fedhealth MTB Challenge & Origin of Trails), so we’d have to look at the Gravel and Grape, Ride2Nowhere, perhaps Die Burger MTB Challenge and hopefully will be lucky enough to somehow find an entry into the Wines2Whales. Perhaps I should venture into different sport options like attempting an Impi Challenge with my mates. I am a very good team manager…



Getting some time in the saddle in Slanghoek on my birthday treat weekend away. Thx DDL (Broken by Pinot Noir Hill)

Exploring some more of the Slanghoek Valley

Riding with De Lauwere in Jonkershoek. Waterfall climb was a breeze…did it twice on two different bikes (And slap in the face from the Silly one 🙂 )






The Eikenhof Dam during the Fedhealth XTERRA. The Elgin Grabouw Country Club’s awesome food had nothing to do with my current Discovery weight fracas ala Quinton de Kock and David Warner