Crunch time as W2W approaches

With less than a month the W2W it is literally crunch time, and no, not doing crunches, although that might actually also help, but fine tuning the months of training as the base building was done a long time ago it’s now pushing hard for the next 3 weeks. In the words of German rock band Scorpions – “No Pain No Gain!”


Trainer partner and house guest Willie du Plooy and myself racking up the miles on the road bike last weekend


Great to see Chantel Rall on top of Suikerbosse training hard for 70.3 (And yes Thinus, I am still not smiling on photos)


Having swapped the mountain bike last weekend for the road bike, as my house guest only had a road bike it was back on the mountain bike this week again. Over the weekend Willie and myself did about 80km on Saturday and Sunday respectively. It was good to see Chantel Rall (Follow her Blog) on top of Suikerbosse training hard for that Ironman 70.3 next year. Keep it up Chantz – #Respect.

So back on the mountain bike before work, up early and on the road chasing sleeping Hadidas, squirrels and stupid Guinea Fowl – really. If a mountain bike travelling at 20km/h bike approaches a Guinea Fowl and you are the Guinea Fowl, what would you do…? Fly, fly, fly away, up, left right to avoid approaching disaster…BUT NO! Keep on running (yes running, not flying) directly in the path of the approaching 29er wheel. Stupid Bird! (No animals were harmed during this training ride as the animal loving cyclist reduced speed and the stupid bird eventually veered left of the way). Stupid Constantia Guinea Fowl!

As normal I digress, in this phase of training it’s important to maintain and work in some tough sessions to build up strength, but make sure you have a balance. I blame my mate Jaco Maritz for the doubled sessions I did Wednesday after work for a ride with 591 meters of climbing in 28km (Price Drive and Zwaanswyk) and then 40km this morning, just because we went to the Toad and he still went to gym the next morning. Well should I blame Jaco or The Toad on the Road for not going riding Wednesday am…

The view from the top of Price Drive, hard work to get there, but worth it

The view from the top of Price Drive, hard work to get there, but worth it

Anyway having been committed throughout the winter with sustaining my training, spending hours and hours in the gym and on the bike building up to FNB Wines2Whales, I sincerely hope my partner is as ready and committed as I am to have loads of fun at the Adventure.

PS: All my clothes are too BIG for my and hanging on my body…I might have to source a female shopping companion to go clothes shopping – any takers (ha-ha) 😉

Huge Motivation

Huge Motivation