It’s over…

The break I have given my followers (Jeez, I sound like Joe Carroll from The Following) and Facebook friends of not seeing that dreaded Latest Move update – is over! Back exercising this morning after yesterday’s move of turning over and switching off alarm to not go to the 90min spin class at Virgin Active, only to later read the Sedentary Sloth’s aka Nikki Ferreira’s blog of how she managed to get to gym and work out – this after … oh shoot I can’t say how many years again…let’s just say decades of inactivity, probably since enforced PE at primary school level. Anyway back to me.

With the beginning of winter in Cape Town it is really tough to find daylight to go riding in and currently I am not a fan of riding alone in the cold and dark, so most of my fat fighting exercise regime will most likely take place at Virgin Active, where it is light and dry and warm. This means though that my Strava mileage will suffer and I will have fewer kilometres per week on the bike – dammit! But a change is as good as a holiday they say so I decided to change with the season as well and actually is focussing on learning to run again. Normally you only run when chased by a rabies infected squirrel, a hungry dog or angry baboon or a very clingy girlfriend. Proud to say I have master the human version of the hamster wheel in the gym now 4 x 20 minutes already (DO NOT ASK AT WHAT PACE I WAS RUNNING!) and this weekend will attempt my first trail run at the Duo Challenge at Blaauwklippen wine estate – this could be funny and painful.

Hopefully by including running in my regime now I can manage my weight with the, obviously, lesser riding time I now have. Seriously, the true test of ones’ commitment to exercise and healthy living comes in the winter months when it is cold and dark and one has to be clever to manage your activities and goals and be disciplined (Too early to go to The Toad for ribs and a Kilkenny draught?).

Then there is the matter of the Enduroman that could possibly or not at all be my next challenge, my friend Chantel still has to do a bit on convincing, she is an Iron Man so I can’t compete with that. The event has 2.5km swim –OK STOP, no need to go further – mental block right there! (Ok and 80km mountain bike and my new sport 21km trail run). I’m speechless and can’t say anything about the matter anymore – I know anything is possible…

Fingers crossed that I don’t look like a fool trying to run on Saturday but at least I have gotten some awesome Mizuno trail running shoes for the race.

Oh and remember not a lot of time left for those early bird entries for the Ride2Nowhere – DON’T MISS OUT!


The Houw Hoek Tour is an amazing event

The Houw Hoek Tour is an amazing event