Going to extremes

photo 1This past weekend saw myself and mate Thinus Crafford participate in the Darling Extreme Mountain Bike race, advertised as 52km and ended up being 57km and boy was those extra 5 km’s tough or was it the fact that every time I go riding with Thinus he pushes me to push my limits – where in the world would you ever have thought that I could average 16.7km over 57km and 1000m of climbing – insane speed for a 100 plus kg body. But my constant weight complains aside, what and amazing event, real fun atmosphere and great riding with single tracks over the first half the highlight of my year (post Absa Cape Epic) as the rollercoaster of tracks went up and down to what seemed like endless fun. We ended up 111th and 112th respectively out of a field of 237 men – not too bad for someone that used the finish last or close to last. Thanks Thinus for sticking with me and my slightly slower pace!

I did realise one thing and that is that I need to up the intensity again in my training regime as although I am fit and recover quickly I can just feel the edge missing that I had during the Absa Cape Epic – which means I would most likely have to get out of the gym and back on the bike again, outdoors in the Cape winter…or maybe not, or maybe I should, or maybe not, or maybe I should –check the weather!

Now see the body on the right try and keep up with the one on the left on a mountain bike trail, result - Extreme Suffer Score on Strava

Now see the body on the right try and keep up with the one on the left on a mountain bike trail, result – Extreme Suffer Score on Strava

On Friday I saw a friend I haven’t seen in a while and she has also been disciplined and active in losing weight and getting fit. Now I don’t know how much she has lost but she looked amazing and like a brand new person. It just shows again that if one wants to lose weight or become fit, it can be done and nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it and be disciplined in your approach. She actually made me feel guilty for not totally sticking to my own preaching of eating right and training (All in balance of course, one needs to live life as well)

Next up is the 2nd Liberty Duo Challenge at Banhoek Conservancy on the 14th of June, which means I’ll have to run again – enter now and experience this showcase – my running attempt that is – click here for event details.

With bleak all raining week forecasted for Cape Town I do believe I’m heading back into the glass cage to spin and run whilst going nowhere, but hey calories to burn so mental approach to be set in stationary mode – run and cycle and go nowhere slowly but keep those fat cells at bay and oxygen in the lungs. Feel the burn – follow the Sedentary Sloth’s journey as she approaches the winter challenge of her exercise regime of cold, dark and stormy weather that will challenge your commitment to training, keeping fit and eating healthy – click here to find out about new gym lingo and post training stretching

It seems that one sometimes have to face the extremes to continue on your journey of healthy living…

PS: I have decided not to challenge myself at Enduroman