My toughest adventure yet!

"My clothes don't fit me no more.." (Bruce Springsteen)

“My clothes don’t fit me no more..” (Bruce Springsteen)

Yesterday I went clothes shopping. Now those that know me know not to put me in a mall, I get even grumpier, and throw in clothes shopping – anger management.


But sometimes in life you have to bite the bullet and do things you don’t particularly enjoy, and I have to get a new wardrobe as I currently look like Asterix in Obelix’s clothes, hanging on my fit pristine athletes’ body. And as a so called professional in the workplace and an eligible bachelor I could not continue to be seen in public drowning in my outfits. The price you pay for exercising a living a healthy lifestyle – you have to go clothes shopping J


I will give kudus to the lady at Woolworths in Blue Route as she was very helpful and patient as I entered the fitting room many times trying to determine my new model body sizes in pants and shirts. Mission successful and pleasant experience at Woolies, less pleasant on my credit card but a decisive me quickly added to my new wardrobe.


Not wanting to stick with one retailers range I carried my heavy bag to my car (see exercise while shopping) to pay a visit to another clothing retailer in the centre, one that has a red square associated with it. Now I am not someone to bad mouth someone or say something bad but after my shopping experience at this second retailer I don’t think I will shop there ever again. Not helpful, ranges and sizes all over the place and a bad experience at the counter having to wait for nearly 20 minutes and only 2 people ahead of me. Look at me, as if I will be shopping quickly anyway. Oh, sh…oot, I have to, not a full range of clothes yet, dammit!


See as in training, a clever shopping strategy could also be beneficial to make it less painful, my strategy, avoid it as much as possible. Although it sounded like my shopping experience did not go too bad, I sort of disliked every moment of having to fit every piece of clothing, tedious and then the same size don’t fit in the one piece like in the other, mentally this was my toughest adventure this year – clothes shopping.


Now I was supposed to do the 10km Gun Run this weekend but my partners in crime is involved with the Tiletoria West Coast Express so as a friend I won’t drop them like they did me because they have to work with their client, so I will go out and support them. I really hope the wind does not blow!


Keep it up, kudus to Klint Mills from Powasol who has lost 18kg. Good on ya mate, a real inspiration.

Well done Klint - losing the equivalent of two Woolies Turkey's 7.4kg. -10% body fat and a total loss thus far of 18.3Kgs!

Well done Klint – losing the equivalent of two Woolies Turkey’s 7.4kg. -10% body fat and a total loss thus far of 18.3Kgs!