A show of tears

Adventure Whale Blog LogoYou know there are some things that just upset you more than others, for me it was the crack that appeared on my bicycle frame out of nowhere. Debatable as to who is to blame for this. Me being overweight, the drop-off I went down that appeared out of nowhere or when the guys they were trying to get my stuck shock out to be serviced. Let’s just say my mate, Richard Coram at Freewheel Cycology, helping out to get my bicycle fixed are not used to me giving him so many calls in a year. I won’t admit that I nearly broke out in tears when the crack was discovered; it seems that I care a lot for my bicycle. Strange as lately riding it has been associated with lots of pain, the lack of fitness and all. But all said, with the mountain bike in hospital now for repairs I’ve resorted back to the Wattbike and road bike for the time being in training for the Race2Nowhere. (Don’t stress, I won’t be on my road bike in the mountains. I should receive it back just in time to join Andrew Norman on the adventure in McGregor whilst the female of the species will explore the wine farms while we suffer up and down the hills carrying over 100kgs each (Sorry Andrew) – could be more than 110kg’s each, but who is comparing. The fact is my baby will be back and in one piece. Thanks for help Rich and going that extra mile to make sure I can ride again.

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When you bicycle suddenly develops Paget’s disease (weak bones) you need to find a doctor quickly #carbonrepairs

So not having something that is so part of your life available of the fear that you might lose it, especially if you don’t have something or are able to replace it can make one tearful. It might sound stupid but we all have things in life dear to us. And the fact that cycling changed my life for the better, makes the idea of not having one of the things that make me happy available and in one piece, sad. But this is just material and not the be all and end all.

Oom Dries

We will miss you dad. You taught us to have integrity, be loyal, considered, truthful and humble. You will be missed – 11 April 1945 – 17 November 2018

Sadness has recently struck on a personal level as I lost my dad suddenly. Knowing that my dad was always around gave me that assurance that everything will be okay and you could always count on him for sound advice and support. The passing of my dad also made me realise that one has to go out and grab opportunities and do what you want to do and achieve it while you still can and have the opportunity. My dad had two back operations of which the surgery success eventually deteriated and it made his mobility very limited which restricted him being out and about and active in his garden or out fishing. This mere fact drives me now to go out and be active, get on my bike and ride. Go out and do the thing you love before you can’t anymore.

I miss you already dad!
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