The Obelix Curse…

Some of us are just cursed

Some of us are just cursed

Well it is winter in Cape Town which means darkness and rain and that equals depression, especially if you go to gym (because you don’t want to ride outside in the rain) and weigh yourself. You then realise the 2 and half week break you have taken in, combination with giving in to the craving for comfort food, you know – the good stuff in the cold, carbs – is not good as the weight readout is heading in the wrong direction.  What makes it even worse is that I tend to go into hibernation in the Cape winter, sun only up by 8am and down by 6pm, and with the rain and cold I find myself hiding in my man cave, indoors.

Now combine the inactivity with my Obelix curse and weight gain is inevitable. Depressing! Now young Obelix fell in the Magic Potion pot when little and I think I fell in the creatine pot as a baby, or is that the carbs pot because when I look at a carb, I feel the weight settling down on my body for eternity. Damn the curse!


Now I also have myself to blame as this whole downward spiral started in Austria with the consumption of the beautiful Weiss Bier, traditional food and then on return to the cold SA spending time at home and as moms do, they make loads of traditional food that includes numerous carbs, on the same plate as you know and not being able to train and eat right I just got stuck in the rut as I came back to the Cape, carbs for comfort and the warmth of my duvet not to be cold. Yes, my alarm did go off this last week for 4 mornings to go ride – I did not. Cuddle your pillow and snuggle under the duvet’s warmth, much more enticing. The result – I have broken the 110kg mark again, on the wrong side this time. They say that falling back into old habits, diet wise, is stress related – I say nothing… am I human after all?


This should be motivation enough

What I am alluding to is that it is so easy to fall back into old habits, what you eat, how much you eat and the easy option of not committing to training. The result, well besides depression is that you become more of a human being again, weight wise that is. (Perhaps I should not give the LCHF people so much grieve). This Saturday I am riding in Die Burger Mountain Bike Challenge and I know I will be suffering as I have all this additional weight to lug around again, dropping my riding partner Thinus in our dual coming up with the hpf boys of Andrew and Rob I also don’t want to do, so it will have to be pulling the proverbial finger out my but to get in shape again.

Lesson from this to all – be wary of falling back into old habits, keep you discipline, focus and commitment of what you want to achieve and stay away from mom’s cooking!

See you on the trails/road, even if it is in the dark – aarrgggggg

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