Tsunami in the Klein Karoo


Tsunami in the Klein Karoo

I’m not sure if I lost a friend or not. Imagine you are away for the weekend with all your mates chilling next to the pool and catching some rays in peace and quiet. Then suddenly out of nowhere in the middle of the Klein Karoo and enormous wave of water splashes unexpectedly over you. Drenched in the remnants of the tsunami you see the Adventure Whale bobble out of the water, what would you do? Yes, the cause of the tsunami was me as my current big massed body displaced the water from the pool onto my friends. No choice words were verbally heard, but I do have a suspicion that some may be utter inside their minds. Sorry my friends (especially Nikki), but I could not resist…SPLASH!

We visited the guest farm, 360on62 as a group of friends supporting our friend, Nikki Ferreira’s friends, Brendan Connellan and Dale Fraser which subsequently now also became our friends. The set up on the farm is amazing, the hosts went out of their way to make us all feel welcome as we utilised the swimming pool and Lapa to the max.  Besides the pool, Lapa and more than enough braai wood (which is the measuring tool myself and Evert Ferreira rate places at) the outside shower and the beautiful scenery, the whole farm getaway is fantastic. Simple and clean accommodation, the quietness of nature with a million stars overhead at night makes your stay pleasurable.

Going away does not mean one does not have to train and the host were more than accommodating in taking us on a MTB ride in the surrounding area. Have to keep working on that fitness and to work off the beverages consumed the night before. Some of us rode both days as others deemed rest in bed the better form of recovery from the night before…enough said. Some others had the intention of running, but only it stayed just intentions as the one and only Toby Murphy took to the trails without the likes of athletes in training Matt Bush and Evert Ferreira.

I also were fortunate enough to be at the Knysna Bull this past weekend and discover a gem of an event, unfortunately I was not riding but supporting the sponsors invited guests with bicycle and people transfers. Next year we will be riding it Mr. Andrew Norman…finding that workers we need. Here we also managed to fit in two rides, one up the Phantom Pass and the other through the local schools’ purposely built single track. Again amazing to stay at Paradise Found Guest House and the hosts, Johan and Dirkie, were amazing in going riding with us as well.

Back home and another tsunami hits – hello back and pinched nerve. At least I hope it is all it is as at this stage it looks like no Cape Town Cycle Tour for me. Numbness, pain and immobility in the back and leg makes one appreciate the times you had where you could go out and ride, i.e. at 360on62 and at Paradise Found with my family and friends.


I might have to fall back on the words of 5 time Cape Epic winner, Karl Platt; Eat less, train more – if only I can get this broken body training…and perhaps stretch and strengthen the core…sound so easy.


See you all soon on the bike again!

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