Freewheeling Uphill

Getting back into cycling, or for the matter any form of exercise is not easy as my girlfriend/partner/__?__  Dominique (Dom) has recently discovered (The WHAT now!?). Andrew Norman and I are currently in training for the Race2Nowhere taking place on the 8th of December in McGregor and as we are of the bigger built human variety, we do need all the training we can get. Needless to say we planned a ride last Saturday and Dom willingly joined us for the ride. Now information on the ride may have been relayed to her slightly incorrectly. I love with her and enjoy every moment we are together, on and off the bicycle, and spending time riding is something I look forward to.

As the Cape Town Cycle Tour team reunited and we encompassed on our ride the realisation soon set in for her that this won’t be an easy ride for the first time back on the bicycle on quite a (long) while. We rode from Sea Point in Cape Town to the top of Chapman’s Peak and back (Only 54km with 723m of climbing where the ride was sold to her (I won’t name names) as an easy 40km ride).


The Three Must Have Beers at Chapman’s Peak summit. Some were smiling and some were smiling a little less (It was windy)

Needless to say we weren’t very popular as the tiredness set in and especially on the return having to conquer the infamous Suikerbossie climb. Let’s just say freewheeling uphill were on the cards whilst others might had to peddle harder and working on their bike skills steering one handed uphill. And this after the wind towards the top of Chappies forced a certain member of our group to a stand still having to walk through the hurricane strength wind to the top resulting on no sort of freewheeling uphill and full on peddling downhill. But Kudos to my love as she persevered to the event even through experiencing Whale spotted hallucinations in the ocean, road curb brushing/bashing and non-church going language to complete the ride in one piece, but with a smile on her face. The rest of the day was subsequently taken as a rest day. Some might say I planned the ride in this manner to pacify any planned activities in order to be able to watch all the international rugby on TV that afternoon. I vehemently deny that! (Watching all that rugby was awesome:) ) Andrew and myself did do another ride on the Sunday to keep the legs going before doing the manly thing and attending a Christmas Craft Gift Market with the female of the species.


We had a post work ride this week which was great and now just to continue with the trend. Apparently we are riding the Cycle Tour again in 2019.

I jest, but when getting back into training the only thing is to keep on doing it as it will become easier the more one does the specific activity and the recovery of the body also becomes quicker and in my case it means I might have someone being able to watch the rugby with me. There is no such thing as freewheeling uphill, unfortunately one has to put in the effort and train for those uphill obstacles on and off the bike. It’s great to have Dom back on the bicycle and enjoying being out there riding. I just love it and it makes me happy.


I had an unforeseen challenge with my mountain bike as my remote shock connector on the shock broke and as a result had to get it fixed. In doing so the mechanics were unable to remove my shock as the bolts seems to have bent. (Don’t call me fat). Long story short (to quote a friend) the threat was there that my frame could break as the last resort was to hammer out the bolts. It was quite a stressful time as I waited in anticipation for the guys to attempt this delicate thunderous process. Should the frame break my only recourse would to go back to running, which was so 1980’s for me.


Happy to be back on the mountain bike and be able to enjoy the Constantia Green Belt Trails after work. Thank you for all sorting out my shock.

Fortunately the bicycle shop got it out, the shock got serviced and I am back on the bicycle to create the next challenge for the bike shop as my bigger built physique adds more strain on all the pivot points of the bicycle. A big thank you to team at (Richard, Sean and the boys) Freewheel Cycology and Steve at Omnico (Fox) for making sure I can go riding again and keep myself and Dom on the bicycle and out in nature.

See you all at the Race2Nowhere (only doing the 68km) in December.


The ride that bought me rugby watching time

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