Learning to ride

Uhm, not sure if there are still any readers of this blog out there, but I do apologise for not contributing one bit of content towards this. All I can say is laziness of writing has crept in and/or work responsibilities. Either which one or both could be seen as close to the perceived truth to the lack of committing words to Word.

December started with HSBC Rugby Sevens at Cape Town Stadium with good mates Evert and Nikki. We will be back next year

Did someone say dress-up at the sevens

My cycling and training has gone massively backwards in the last few months. I have also recently gotten a girl friend and fellow house dweller, Dominique de Lauwere, which has changed my life for the better. (The less cycling has nothing to do with this life changing event. Just saying before I get into deep trouble. We actually rode the Ride2Nowhere 3-day stage race together, her first race, but for this awesome experience we need to write a book). Back to less cycling, which ironically leads by to my back.

Holiday sunset in Kromme (St Francis)

Landmark Lighthouse in Cape St Francis

In early October we went for a n early morning bike ride (See girlfriend = cycling partner) and on boyfriend duties (going to a Saturday market) experiences excruciating pain in my right leg in the hamstring and lower back area. So much so that I could not even drive the car.




Anyway, turns out I had suffered a hernia in the lower back, S1 and G1 with the hernia protruding into the

Thanks Chris for showing us the secret routes on holiday in St Francis

nerve channe

To Oyster Bay and back. Only a 7km climb on the return leg…feel the curse words


(https://www.spine-health.com/conditions/spine-anatomy/all-about-l5-s1-lumbosacral-joint)  The disc becomes herniated when the inner portion leaks out and touches the nearby nerve root, causing pain to radiate in the lower back and/or down the leg.  This, combined with work (events) resulted in me not being able to get onto the bike as I would have liked, purely because of pain and numbness and immobility in the lower back. It has been more than 3 months since this has happened and I am finally feeling more confident to do proper riding again.

Sunset fire and braai a must at Kromme

I caught a fish! (that was thrown back)

Pain is there still, power is still lacking in the right leg as well as tiredness of pain down the whole right leg. Currently close to impossible to stand on a spinning bike during the classes. Thanks to the support of Dom (short for Dominique) in encouraging me to keep riding and do my exercises (from my awesome physio Cornell Eksteen) there has been huge improvement and drive to overcome this challenge, thus I thought to start writing and rambling on the blog again.

Holiday time memories – The Walskipper restaurant in Jeffry;s bay (Believe it or not, we had Sea Food)

Georgie and our view at Paradise Found Guest House in Knyna. The 1st of the family stops

The biggest challenge was to find that motivation to get back on the bicycle and force yourself to ride again. Over the December holidays myself and Dom managed to go for a couple of short rides that was super chilled and fun, but still painful as the body (right leg) is not operating as it should with the nerve damage and resulting no power. (I can’s stand on my toes on my right leg and ankle flex is limited). Nevertheless, I am confident to build the leg and back function up again to ride with my mates (and girlfriend) in the mountains again.

The long drive from St. Francis to Brits (Only 1250km in a day)

When in Brits one must braai. No small Boerewors (sausages) here

The big thing is to remain positive and appreciate and enjoy being able to ride your bike. Dom has been tough on me and after each of the rides I complained that I am nowhere as fit as I used to be, she puts me in my place to be thankful I can ride and that I actually did the ride. To not complain of where I am at physically but celebrate the fact that I did a ride. This has been my first week back in full training and building up the peak physical fitness (for my Adventure Whale body that is).

Hopefully I can share more frequently on the progress of loosing that holiday extra body weight and learning to ride again properly (with my cycling partner and home dweller aka my biggest supporter the silly one)

Brenton-on-Sea beach walk in Knysna

No not Table Mountain cable car, but Hartebeespoort cable car. Fantastic experience

No for riding this weekend and working towards completing the Trans Breede 60km (still unsure about this so soon) and ultimately riding with Dom in her first ever Cape Town Cycle Tour.





Seeing in the new year – what lies ahead…


The road back to Stellenbosch (this is somewhere in the Karoo)









The first ride of 2018 – Let’s make this a fit and fabulous year

Cape Town Red Bus tour in celebrating The Stroebel’s birthday. Such a fun day (we took the wine tour option obviously)










My English is not that good…

Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts with Dom, Evert, Nikki, Willie and Belia – such an awesome day and the Parlotones were fantastic










I needed all the horse power I could get on this Wednesday’s early morning ride. My coach was in her pj’s still

Lion (she apparently has chosen Dom as her new owner) that has moved in











PS; I think we own cat now


Love you Silly








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