I Blame My Friends

After struggling through the tough Cape winter months, where the will to get out of bed for training was not as I wanted it to be, or as a dedicated athlete’s commitment should have been. Thus the fitness levels are not where it should be. Before you start lashing out at me for letting my pristine shape and fitness levels slide, I did not do nothing (is that a double negative?). I tried to at least ride once every weekend and do a spin class and WattBike session during the weeks (More one than both – guilty). The real reason I the shape of my body might have shifted during these dark months are my friends.


Waterfall on the side of Table Mountain.

Why do they entertain and cook so well? Surely they should know that I am too well-mannered and love good food and cold beverages too much to decline an offer or an invitation. From Pulled Pork Burgers to Steak sandwiches, Leg of Lamb and the good traditional braai (barbeque) all served with either excellent South African Red Wine or an ice cold (Lite) ale even to odd good whiskey or brandy in celebration. Enough said! Friends should know not to exploit your weaknesses as my clothes now fit slightly tighter than in March 2016. But life is all about balance and going on this food drive surely balance the ‘’starvation” period prior the Cape Epic out. To my friends, you may continue with this as I know that I’ll have a proper meal at least whenever we have these social gatherings.


Early morning ride out Meerendal side on the Tygerberg Mountain Bike Trails

Enough of this darkness as the Southern Hemisphere Spring is in the air and it is already evident my commitment and will to train. Only downside with having more daylight to ride after work through the Green Belt in Constantia is to now having to dodge the dog owners walking their dogs and now and again choose the safety first option as my friends of the canine nature turn to chasing mobile humans of a peddling nature. But for now I’ll have to risk injury and tetanus as the Ride2Nowhere 3 day MTB race is next week and last minute training dot com is the order of the day.


It has not all been that bad training wise as for my commitment over the weekends I at least have some great photos (in my opinion) to show for it (posted in this post). Even managed to hike up Lion’s Head with Willie and Belia. See diversifying my skills and training routine! So whilst I blame my friends for the unnecessary gain in body mass with the temptations they brought into my life, I can’t really blame them for my lackluster effort in full on commitment in training.


With Spring comes new challenges in the form of a new job, but perhaps more of this in the next edition. For now, it is time to bring on the next adventure as the winter hibernation is over!

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