Mind Games

The Absa Cape Epic is a different animal as those that have ridden it would confess to, it is a race that tests you, not only physically but even more so mentally as Thinus can confess to today and so I am certain many others over the years. Thinus confessed that he was told the Cape Epic will be tough, but how do you define tough and in his own words – no one can prepare you for how tough it actually is. Always racing against the clock, terrain and those stuff you up insanely steep gradient hills.

I got a bit worried today as it seemed that my partner was now beyond “gatvol” (fed up) for the race and what it throws at you as he just stuck on his bike and rode on in the distance. I could claerly see there was no enjoyment and on the way up Bothma’s Kop (super steep climb) a sense of humour failure. But that is what the Cape Epic does, it throws everything at you, there are no easy stages or periods to relax as you are constantly chasing the clock over the unknown route ahead. Told by Thinus that this is a day I should be talking to him to get him through the day, I just had to respond that I would gladly want to of only he allowed me by not riding so far away from me :).

We also rode Skyfall today, 18 switchbacks going downhill that is super fast and flowing and at least that put a smile back on Thinus’ face. That’s the Epic for you. 

One more stage of 82kms to go, so another few hours for us to complete our #8daysofcourage and for tickets to tick the Absa Cape Epic off that bucket list – let’s hope all goes well and we will be able to see all our fantastic supporters at the Grand Finale at Meerendal Wine Estate!

We have been unfortunate not to have spotted any Cape Leopards on our journey through the Wilderness thus far, as the guys from Cape Leopard Trust does so much great work and is also hugely involved in mountain biking. Hopefully we can spot one tomorrow that would also help me peddle faster towards the finish line.

  TC and myself with Pavel Nosek for Mitas Tyres (As seen on our bikes)

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