The Queen is a B….

93kms and 2500m of climbing Stage 5 of the 2016 Absa Cape Epic, also known as the Queen stage this year, the stage seen as the toughest with a 5 cog rating for difficulty. Normally Thinus and I chat a fair bit on the bike, but not today. We were both zoned out and focused on finishing the stage not wanting to slip up now and going forward into the unknown of the Big 5 climbs that laid ahead. We made it in just over 7 hours and Thinus really rode well today pulling me along as I, as expected when it comes to climbing, were always a fair bit back. Gravity still sucks. The Queen was a real B…h!

Whatever the epic threw at us today, we just took it in our stride or peddle stroke and stuck to our motto of just moving forward. The crash tally is back to two all, I won’t count Thinus parking his bike in some Fynbos as a crash. It was quite funny though, but fortunately we are both well and ready to go with one of us having some rear end trouble, and it is not “Die Windhond”. I suspect the next couple of days could be painful as a grew out of my bib shorts in such that is has become too big for me. Nothing I can do now but be upstanding when riding my bike. Should be interesting.

2 more days and hopefully all goes according to plan. Thanks again for all the support and Chantel will be looking out for you at Meerendal finish line, I know you would have loved to be riding over it yourself.

We are now placed 131st in our category and 367th in GC (General Classification)

Until tomorrow and hopefully another completed stage and a not too tender rear end.


My sister in support. Go Mitas


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