Stage 1 done and DUSTED

Now the Absa Cape Epic has properly started with a short stage of 108km and a little bit of climbing of just over 2300m – to put it lightly we will be asleep shortly so the feedback might be that as well. The tested us thoroughly with gnarly climbs (a lot of them) followed by technical descents. No time to relax until the final stretch. It as hot out as well with the max reaching 37 degrees, cool if you are family of Lucifer, not so cool if you are a Phat Boy cyclist. Not sure who of our supporter clan actually worked today or just streamed live tracking to deplete the month’s bandwidth in a day.

The trails were super dusty at times and we probably have some 500g extra weight we’ll carry with us tomorrow in our lungs, ears and many other bodyly places. Dust galore and pain at every elevation gain, which is plenty – the route profile could easily look like this /.

My partner was super cool today and very patiently guided me up the climbs and we really had fun out (as much as you can between the suffering and focus to get to the next water point. Let’s see what tomorrow brings on the 100th Cape Epic stage as we climb up the old wagon trail over the Witzenberg mountains.

Too tired to be creative, thanks for the support and let’s hope all goes well to finish the stage in time. Today we finished in 7h54m with tomorrow’s stage slightly shorter at 93km’s with tired legs it is bound to be another extreme cchallenge.


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