Done in a Blizzard

The time finally arrived all went well as we started our adventure at 08:11 this morning. With loads of fans that appeared from the streets of Durbanville and surrounds we rolled of the starting chute onto the lush Meerendal grass grabbing and holding onto our quality Mitas Textra tyres and holding us back from rushing up the steep Dorstberg climb. A big thank you to the fan club and their ring leader for the amazing support. The first climb was quite tough but we managed nicely before the support fast descent down to quarry. From there we were taken up Spyker Hill at Hoogekraal into blistering wind that made following Thinus quite a spectacle as the wind tried its hardest to blown is over. Thinus fighting hard to keep us moving at a steady, well fairly brisk, pace up the climbs. 

All and all we were focused and rode hard as I can feel the pain in my legs after the days excursion up hills to amount 800m if climbing over 25.5km – not for the faint hearted. The Newbie did great and tomorrow will be out true test with 108km and only 2300m of climbing. Nervous settled now the ‘vasbyt’ starts and character will be tested. 

We finished 462nd out of 645 teams, not too shabby for a couple of not so fat, but still Phat Boys.

Our KTM Scarps were superb and Mitas tyres keep grip and is on the bikes 

The fun, also known as pain about to start…

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