Watt Bike?

So this morning I stroll into Virgin Active at Steenberg with the plan of spending an hour on the Watt Bike, you know because it is raining AGAIN outside. Well, first of all I don’t quite enjoy going to gym at the moment because every time I visit Virgin Active the scale tells me that I am slightly heavier than last time. I am convinced that since the Super Moon phenomena a week or so ago gravity sucks down on me even more, fact!

Well after the disappointment and resulted brought on depression I head over to the Watt Bikes, well it turned out to be Watt Bike. The other two apparently weren’t functional, anyway the bike is occupied so I settle for second best and go back to what we all used to use before the appearance of the Watt Bike – the spinning bike! Still depressed about the increased suction power of gravity I start doing my bike setup and then the friendly lady on the Watt Bike asks if I don’t want to use the bike, she is nearly finished with only 2 minutes left. In my best Vik Norval impression I say SURE. If not why not, the bike will be available.

Half a shelfie when one could actually go out and ride - look mom, no rain :)

Half a shelfie when one could actually go out and ride – look mom, no rain 🙂

So as time is running down on the two minutes and not wanting to stand around I sit on the spin bike waiting and then I see him approach. Now this guy I have seen every time I have been in the gym (which is quite often as it never stops raining) and I know he is heading for the Watt Bike – that is what he does. I have even encountered him moving from bike to bike as he could get his heart rate monitor working, with no regard to everyone around him that could have been contemplating using the bikes. Anyway, that particular day I stayed on the spin bike.

So the 2 minutes is up and the friendly lady looks over at me on the spin bike and says she is done, and then I pounce and get onto the Watt Bike for that extra effort, dry, indoor training. Unfortunately for the other guy I was first in line and I took up my right. Now this is where it gets weird as he is obviously disappointed, since there is only one Watt Bike available (And it’s mine!) and starts asking the staff to check if the other bike has been charged. No they say, it is also, not functional, like the other one. He starts going off that this is unacceptable and that how long does it take to fix and so forth. Not happy at all that someone else is actually suing the bike and not him, he says that he is training according to a program and needs the bike – really, and I am not. Anyway then he asks when the staff member when the gym is not busy and she tell him about 9-9:30 after the classes are finished and then: “Ok, I’m going home, I will be back then”.

Now I wish I could have been in the gym at 9-9:30 to actually see if the Watt Bike was available, because uhm – there is no guarantee it will be free and if you could train whenever you can , why be there at 5:30 like us normal working people. Good for him that he aims to stick to his training program but there was perfectly useable spinning bikes right there. So I am sorry that as a paying gym member I was first in line to enjoy the pain in my legs on the Watt Bike.

The whole incident caused a hoo-ha as the staff and fellow gym members couldn’t quite believe the guys reaction and behaviour as if it was his right to have a bike available to him in the gym. Well at least I did my hour on the bike and got my exercise in for the day, that is before Poker evening tonight which could result in the Watt Bike being available at 05:30 tomorrow morning (Although I suspect he will be there at 5am).

Now to stay clear of those carbs that crawled back into my life, no more rusks, biscuits or sandwiches – I will be lying if I say no more beer because that is just silly. Till next time and I am aiming to be back on the Watt Bike on Thursday – so beware!

Besides the weight gain depression my team also got smashed over the weekend in the ABSA Currie Cup

Besides the weight gain depression my team also got smashed over the weekend in the ABSA Currie Cup

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