Travel Lightly

So what does one do when travelling to stay fit and keep on training? As with most normal human beings it seems that I have also gathered some winter fat and gravity is slowly catching up with me again. (Most of us are not as lucky as Shaun Roos that can eat anything and NOT gain 1 gram, especially in the cold winter months when nice food provide such a comfort). No hibernating is not ideal, but come now, be honest if it is 4 degrees Celsius and raining would you go outside?

Anyway I digress again. I am fortunate enough to be travelling to Austria this weekend (for work as it is the 2015 KTM Bicycle sales launch) and those that know me and has had feedback from my previous Bavarian region visit will know that Weiss Bier will be the order of the day. When in Weiss Bier country….there will be no #LCHF (Low Carbs High Fat) Tim Noakes weight watchers around and as the 1 Euro equates to R14,70 currently food to consume would be at a premium and thus I foresee an excess of carbs consumed, either in loads of bread at breakfast (and packing a sandwich for the day, but don’t tell the place we are staying at that) and then of course in Weiss Bier country Weiss beer would have to quench the thirst, so more carbs.

Now this is where it gets interesting – to counteract the dilemma of eating ‘wrong’ you do a simple thing – pack your KTM Scarp Master in a box and fly it with. Clothes in your hand luggage bag to see you through (no fancy dress up required except for 1 day) and having grown up in the massive town called Brits and having teachers for parents wearing the same set of clothes more than once in a week overseas, where no one knows you, should not be a problem. AND NO, before you go there, there will be clean underwear for each day. I grow middle class not uncivilised, really?

So with my brother-in-law also going to KTM, we will be exploring the areas surrounding the Attersee in the free time we have (on the bike) and at the same time working of those gnarly carbs and Weiss Bier. (Wikkelspies, every time I drink a Weiss Bier I will have to have one for you as well)
So back to the point of this post, when travelling there is ways and means one can keep on exercising and training without too much effort and ensure you keep those fitness levels up and burn those forced calories you must consume when overseas.

To add some educational element to the blog, I did find these travelling tips on how to keep exercising when travelling, useful to some – for me I’d rather consume the liquid carbs on this trip and stick to the cycling to burn the dreaded stuff (even if it means slugging a boxed bike along).

Will keep you posted on my exercise regime in Austria!

Now we will be based here and in between the cycling there will be work done (Be on the lookout for a great 2015 KTM Bicycle Range and even a new TT bike Chantel)


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