Polar Bears Can Be Beaten…

No! It has nothing to do with seal clubbing or similar non approved activities.

Legend has it that in a one on one confrontation with a Polar Bear, Homo sapiens are most likely to lose, for obvious reasons that is – not in this case. As I rolled out of my warm and snug bed this morning after being awake for far too long before the insanely set alarm for 5am was supposed to go off, I just moaned and felt sorry for myself. You know, that question we all ask ourselves, why me?
Why do I have to be cursed to gain fat by just looking at other people eating something fatty, why me. But in the words of Bakkies Botha; “toughen up”, and that is what I did.

So using the warm water to wet my heart rate monitor nodes, yes hot water – such a beautiful thing, I continue to dress myself like I’m about to embark on an expedition to the North – or South Pole and in all the brightest neon colours (pity I didn’t take a photo, but imagine this, neon red compression socks to cover most of the exposed parts of the leg, white, blue and red iPlay fair bib shorts, neon green/yellow jacket to cover up the layers of base layer, arm warmers and cycling top) and the most important Polar bear repellent – my GribGrab Microfleece Cap. THE BEST! Warm ears – Fantasties! (That is Afrikaans for fantastic as Vik Norval would say).

Keep the cold off your precious skull and ears with a Microfleece cap like this.

Keep the cold off your precious skull and ears with a Microfleece cap like this.

Polar bear defeated as I got myself to go and ride in the cold and dark. After the weekends riding and experiencing that burning sensation in the lungs that I haven’t felt in ages I just decided that I had to get on the bike and out of the glass cage they call a gym. I need to up my game to keep up with my riding partner Thinus Crafford as a lot is at stake with the challenge we have thrown out to Rob Kucera and Andrew Rogers. And perhaps the fact that I have gained 3kg after the Absa Cape Epic could also have played a small role. Now to keep it up and watch each day become brighter earlier after the Winter Solstice that just passed. I still haven’t seen any Sloths out on the road, ordinary or sedentary…

It might not be the safest riding alone in the dark but who would mess with a neon coloured whale on a 29er KTM Mountain Bike.

PS: It seems it is coldest in the area where the rich people live; you know the area where the dog bit me, Consta….. oh, and if your mind set is right you can keep your training going through adverse conditions.

I started my comeback with a 35km ride this morning!

For the Cape Tonians, this can be bought at Cycle Lab Tyger Manor in Durbanville

For the Cape Tonians, this can be bought at Cycle Lab Tyger Manor in Durbanville

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