(Insert curse words here)

Today’s stage at the Absa Cape Epic was probably my toughest day on a mountain bike, yes tougher thanks the previous days and tougher than any of my other mountain biking suffer experiences – to sum it up – (insert 3 letter Afrikaans curse word here)

The experience this far has been amazing and anyone that is participating in the event can really feel priviliged. It has been an amazing journey so far and hopefully we can finish the next two days.

Back to today, I described Mondays stage as brutal, this was just k_k. We do ride through beautiful places and the scenery is spectacular, each day you see the same people riding around you and it is easy to make new friends along the way. Today though was a quiet day as everyone suffered and dug deep to complete the 115km stage with 3000 meters of climbing in less than 10 hours. Nerve wrecking, as I thought at one stage, well several stages that we won’t make it, but Greg had everything worked out time wise as we finished with 15min to spare (we did however chase very hard over the las 15km to make sure we make it. It was the hardest I rode my bike ever, maybe I can race rather than just ride for fun…

Tomorrow is a day filled with single track that should be loads of fun, now just to make the cut off time again.

Sported my Red Socks today in support of The Unogwaja Challenge (they not red anymore, John I need a new pair)



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