Up and down and up and down

As the alarm went off at 4:15am this morning, I slowly and gingerly tried to move my aching body into an upright position. By the way – I do have quads, I could feel them without using them. Anyway, breakfast had and off with the Groot Trek to the race village where i pointlessly tried to rub out the pain from my legs, it obviously didn’t work. 88km and 1900m of climbing laid ahead and had to be done.

We had a fast start on district roads which wasn’t what my sore body wanted and i struggled to get going for the 1st 30 odd kilometers. The route was grueling as there was no reprieve. Of our 7:31 time 4:55 was spent climbing, 2:14 descending and a total of 22 minutes on the flat. Up and down and up and down we went. Saying that we were out in some stunning scenery and I wished I had a camera on me and the time to capture nature’s beauty. Our strategy was to walk the major climbs to reserve some energy for Stage 5, 115km and 3000 meters of climbing. In hope it will pay off and I am sure there will be more climbing, just look at the insane profile!

Overall the legs are less painful although my rugby front row back started to play its part in adding some more discomfort to the ride, besides the tender rear part of my body. I am confident we can conquer this stage and hope everything works out.

Another day done and another one lies ahead. There are no easy days at the Absa Cape Epic, let’s hope we can arrive safely at Oak Valley.

Until then


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