The hurt locker

Today the hurt locker was overflowing as with every peddle more and more pain got locked away to survive a day on the bike that took me to some weird places in my mind. My legs are still hurting, post massage and all.
We came in today just below 9 hours on the 10 hour cut off stage, hopefully tomorrow we can make cut off again as it will be a tough challenge – it is the Absa Cape Epic after all.

Anyway, tired now and want to go to sleep, it was a difficult and ‘fast’ day on the bike and the 50km heading to Greyton facing a head wind of note was not particular fun. It made riding tough and very little incline on the road out the hurt back into my legs. Don’t get me wrong, we rode through some stunning places and the people on route were great, riders, crew and spectators alike. We’ve had great support and I just hope we can pull through.

Just lying in bed now hurts my quads.

Hopefully I will be more chatty tomorrow – Stage 3 conquered

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