That’s all I can say about Stage 1 of the Absa Cape Epic.

Ok- a little bit more. Got up way too early as excitement and anxiety grew to take on the 113km 3000 odd meters of climbing on a stage that normally set the pace at this event. Scrambling around. I eventually got everything I needed and of we went to the race village whilst light drizzle fell from the sky – eish. Moving to the starting chute we bumped into John Smit and partner Shane as well as Andrew (Butch) James. Good to chat to John and catch up after Ride the Rock and he was also super excited to get out and ride.

The first 20 or so KTM’s were ‘flat’ and it was all a blur as the bunch moved out and everyone found their pace. And amazing experience until the first major climb – tortoise hill – Mother Father! I am now very good at pushing my bike uphill and this training would have come in very valuable in the previous millennium when I still scrummed down in the front row – push.
On this descent I decided to remove a dropper holding up a farmers fence with my bike – needless to say – tuck and roll. (I am fine)

There were some serious descents and I had to call on all my skill sets taught by Swen Lauer to safely negotiate it all the way down besides the slight mishap on the easy part. Well to shorten this blog, major climb 2 and 3 were no different than 1 and pushing was at the order of the day – needless.
I struggle up the 3rd one as the left knee and right ankle took a lot of strain but my partner Greg James kept me going and leaning on his experience of 3 Absa Cape Epics have been invaluable.

We rode 9:08 which had as in the village way in advance of the cut off. Besides a slight Tracker glitch showing us stuck at 35km out. Hopefully tomorrow we can make it again in time.

We had our JAG evening tonight at Race prize given and brief in and Dan Nicholl just had to call myself and Greg onto stage, which was great for getting our JAG BullyProof message out there.

Tomorrow will be muddy as the rain is failing down as I am trying to keep my eyes open writing this.

Thanks for all the messages of support and hopefully we won’t dissapoint.

6 more days


One thought on “Brutal!

  1. Klink erg rof!! Sterkte vir wat nog voorle – ek hoop julle ry veilig vandag 🙂 Dis lekker om jou Blog te lees. Bietjie dieper insig in wat die Epic regtig inhou vir die deelnemers.

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