Being a Woman – Changing my Mind

No, no, no, no, it’s not like that the medication is NOT working I am still riding the 2014 Absa Cape Epic. I started with my official training programme from Coach Swen Lauer for next year’s Absa Cape Epic, all worked out and professional as Swen is and I appreciate that. Being and athlete in training or training to be an athlete I suppose I have to be exposed to the more professional stuff of athletes. We are using Training Peaks ( which looks like a fantastic tool, and in true form of a great coach Swen followed up with me last night to see if I understand the programme. Well I was guilty as I haven’t loaded the first day yet and while chatting on WhatsApp I duly posted my first day.

Then the words: “Hans stick to the programme as close as possible and you will be fine” – “But coach it’s raining tomorrow” – “So why don’t you just ride in the rain”. Well, being a Fair Weather cyclist there was no way this was going to happen so I packed my gym bag and set the alarm for a bit later. Riding in the rain goes against everything me as a FairWeatherCyclist stand for!

So 5:15 and my alarm go off and fortunately I had a dry nights rest. NOT what you are thinking, my roof is leaking after the freak storm and onto my bed through the light fitting. I live for danger and sleep with danger – lol. Anyway so up I get, shave, take my gym bag, and walk downstairs to go sit on a spinning bike for an hour. It wasn’t raining and I already peaked out my bedroom window earlier to gage the weather situation

WWBD - What Would Bakkies Do?

WWBD – What Would Bakkies Do?

Then I thought – what would Bakkies Botha or Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis for you that DON’T

I know what Detective John McClane would do

I know what Detective John McClane would do

know Die Hard – really?) do – they would toughen the %^%#& up! And then it happened I was being a woman and changed my mind – on with the cycling kit and out we went.

Now my coach will be happy as I stuck close to the plan but despite riding for an hour in the dry, this is Tokai as show the rain bucketed down and I got drenched, and this in November in the Cape. So toughened up I zig zag to ride my 2hours25 on flat road (I live in Tokai flat roads don’t exist) avoiding hazards like rain confused squirrels that tested my brakes in the rain. You were lucky, next time watch where you scurry to, the nuts on my bike is metal!

I do apologise if I offended any of my female blog followers by using the stereotypical mind changing woman thing, but please change your mind and forgive me.

Off to the next challenge on Sunday at Val de Vie where I will catch up with a few mates, Wikkel, Vic and new dad Thinus.

And maybe a photo of me possibly on a new KTM

*No females, squirrels or snails were harmed during this training ride*

PS: I heard my Absa Cape Epic partner did not go riding this morning



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