Life Training and Tequila…

tequila_shot153231442_std1As the mother of all storms hit Cape Town I ventured out for a boys night out as my friend Vik had the evening “off” from the Mrs and a couple of us boys met at House on Kloof Street Restaurant. (Awesome place, I do recommend it). Now I haven’t seen the guys in a while and it was a huge surprise to see Richard there as well (our father of four, yes 4!) the entire way in town from Grabouw, as well as Rodney and Chregan. Needless to say there might have been a Tequila or two enjoyed (And yes coach not ideal if you are an athlete in training, but to be honest – tequila always gives me personality). It was such a ‘lekker ‘ evening just to chill with the boys and not stress about anything, knowing it would still be raining I for once did not worry about having to train the next day – which was a good thing as sleep deprivation made me grumpy.

But during the evening I just realised how fantastic it is to know that one has friends like Vik and Richard that would stand by you through thick and thin, believe in you and that you know you can ask anything and they will be there to help. And even more to realise that my blogging and rambling on does actually affect some people, made me realise that besides family, friends are probably the most important thing one have in life. I have been neglecting my friends.

Here’s drinking a Tequila or plenty to you two boys!

Anyway, so training this weekend was not ideal as the rain and late night took its toll. This weekend the couch definitely jumped on my back and I only have an hour endurance spin in the gym and some weights on Sunday to show for it. (and Pizza carbs around my hips…ssshhhh)

Last blog I had to get my resting heart rate and I did, measure it as per suggestions (thanks to those who replied) and it was 49 and apparently you have to take two off so it seems around 47 is my resting heart rate, I hope that is good…

Now for punishment for missing out this weekend I feel like riding up Price Drive in Constantia, the steepest Drive in the South, making sure to avoid dogs and angry squirrels.

Looking forward to my training plan that coach Swen will give me and to good riding times at Val de Vie this weekend with Thinus and Victor (although it seems Vic will be chicken and ride the 30km).

No pain no gain!

keep going

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