Gala Dinner, Front Rowers and Mountain Biking

Sitting at the 2014 Absa Cape Epic Route Launch Gala Dinner and looking at the planned route for 2014 for the 2nd time, I couldn’t help but feeling slightly nervous for some unbeknownst reason. As followers of my journey know that I will be riding the 2014 event and as Dan Nichol asked me, “what were you thinking” sort had the same thought run through my head, although senses dulled my the Meeredal red at this stage I couldn’t be bothered to much. I’ve entered and will just ride what is in front of me. Oh, and I have to spend a few hours training in the lead up to March 2014.

Anyway, my focus now is my 3rd FNB Wines2Whales and I found myself enjoying the dinner a tad too much with team Bulls, Karl, Stefan and Vincent, joined by my 2014 Absa Cape Epic Partner, Greg, the Ness VanHaywood, the Assos guys from Switzerland and a few of the Epic crew, all the time thinking about riding on Friday and the suffering that will lie ahead. (Sorry coach Swen, the beer was cold and the wine spectacular)

Former Springbok captain and front rower, like me John Smit(No I was not Springbok captain but did through a line out ball or two to Victor Matfield as well during my Tukkies days) addressed us all at the gala dinner talking about his challenges for 2014 Absa Cape Epic including his weighted challenge as a “vettie” (that’s fatty for my English friends) in riding mountain bike. Well John, take it from me as our front rowers take on the challenge next year, it can be done and we can be lighter. At the 2012 Wines2Whales I weighed in at 125kg, tomorrow I will be starting the event at 112kg. I know, still work to be done, so the challenge is on to get close to that 100kg mark come Meerendal 2014. If The Hurtenator aka Marius Hurter can do it so can us other front rowers as well.

Here’s to all the hours of training and disciplined eating that lies ahead-respect. See you on the start line next year, leaner, meaner and ready to ride!

Now off to my favourite MTB event, the FNB Wines2Whales.

Front row whale out!

PS: Could the lady in the plane next to me please not read this while I’m speed typing one finger at a time – #WhaleSpace


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