Express Whale

Not being a roadie I decided to change things up and swap the mountain for some road riding, and working on that endurance aspect of cycling.

Scheduled to run the 10km in the Gun Run I was glad when Vik phoned me to tell me himself and Rodney can’t do the run anymore as their company, Creative Workshop, will be assisting Tiletoria, as sponsor of the Tiletoria West Coast Express, so jumping for joy of not having to run I decided to do enter the event.


Staying over in Blouberg the night before, I just had to go carbo load at the Blue Peter which is always a great experience. So up early to go do the late entry thing I ended up in the very last batch of the starting group as if you are a PPA member and you don’t have your number, then sorry for you, go ride with the temp numbers. Anyway not fazed too much I waited in fresh morning air until we started just after 7 (Being at the venue from 05:45).


Starting in a flash I quickly left most (almost everyone – ha-ha) of my batch behind me as we headed out of Blouberg. All went well as I felt strong and quickly caught up with numerous riders from different groups in front of me. That didn’t last long though!

Suddenly I felt that I was struggling, bumping and sliding on the road – puncture. So everyone I passed came rushing past me in the 10 minutes or so I spent changing the tube, eating and exploring the bushes next to the road. (Insert curse words here)


With 60 odd kilometres to go after the incident, I decided to push myself to try and break the 3 hour mark. Just looking at my heart rate below you can see the difference after my flat tyre incident. (I kept on thinking, how do I get home if I have a second flat). It just shows that one can push yourself more than you realise, and I am one normally to stay within myself when riding.

Sometimes you can push yourself more than you think

Sometimes you can push yourself more than you think

The Whale Express was in motion as I pushed to break the 3hour barriers. I even picked up riders following me as I was the windbreaker leading the way back home (In one guys defence he did thank me after the race as he had a broken derailleur and was stuck in one gear and said if it wasn’t for me he would not have finished the race).

Me leading a bunch in a road race, be prepared for some un-natural occurrence this week as the balance in nature has been disturbed. Me leading a bunch bringing cyclist home and dropping some, never!  It shows what disciplined hard work and proper training can do, it does pay dividends.


Now to drop the next 5kg’s.


Until the next adventure

Express Whale time trialing for 60km - unnatural

Express Whale time trialing for 60km – unnatural

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