Signs of Desperation

Now those that know me and have been following my journey know that I am a Fair Weather Cyclist and it must be close to extremely good weather for me to go out riding. And this is why I am saying, signs of desperation. With the Ride2Nowhere starting this Friday and me grasping at anything (legally that is) that will help me through the 3 days I found myself riding in the rain on Sunday – but that’s not all! Also found myself riding in the rain this morning. Surely this is out of character as there was no Fair Weather to be found, but hey and don’t want to suffer too much, let my mate Thinus down by being too slow and /or finish last at the event, not again that is.

Anyway my spinning instructor must surely be missing me in Virgin Active as I have not attended her classes these last two weeks, but out of the fish bowl into the open. Time on the bike was needed.

Sunday saw myself joining Eulogy as rode in Tokai and I took on Ou Wapad for the second time ever from Silvermine side and for the first time back up. It was tough and I was soaking wet from the pouring rain.  (You get that for taking off Saturday off to watch rugby, but what is more important…).

Coming back towards Silvermine, Ou Wapad done, and so was my legs

Coming back towards Silvermine, Ou Wapad done, and so was my legs

Breaking the habit even more as I went out on Monday morning to ride, and I never do Mondays. Decent ride, although cold done and so happens Tuesday. Do I make my 90min spin class instructor happy with my presence or spend time on the bike. This thought I had at around 3am when the rain came down. Slumbering on until 5am I jumped out of bed and got on the bike, and so I got wet on the bike again for the second time in 3 days. Totally out of character, but desperate times calls for desperate measures as the Ride2Nowhere approaches.

I am now officially in my tapering phase with Wednesday and Thursday off before hitting the road to nowhere…

I will try and blog after each day but internet connection in McGregor is not the greatest, so If I don’t see you there hopefully you will be following my blog


PS: Thinus, I know it’s your first stage race, so stick with my pace and it will be an easy 3 days.

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