Cross Training…unplanned

IMG_4708You know when you start the day all pumped up, hard, excited and rearing to go and then a little bit later you are totally deflated… today was one of those days.

With the Ride2Nohwere just over a week away (you can still enter!) I have to get time on the bike and with the Mountain Bike in for some tender loving care in getting serviced before the race, road bike it was. Up at 5am and out in the dark brisk morning air. Hitting my first major climb up Alphen road I feel like I’m suffering and struggling to get up the hill. Surely this wasn’t so tough on Sunday, it’s like you’ve added more resistance on your spinning bike in Virgin Active. Struggling up the hill on level 9 I conquer Rhodes climb, but all the time feeling something is not right. Refusing to believe I have a flat I ignore and pushes ahead.

Finally I stopped and to my disgust, the deflation I mentioned earlier was there, flat tyre it was. Now I haven’t changed a road bike tyre since 1987 on my 3-speed bike, the last time I had a road bike.  Stuck in Constantia where there are NO street lamps I was not going to sit in the middle of the street in pitch darkness trying to change a tube, that and fear of the wild roaming dog which bite marks are still healing in calf, no ways (And wasn’t sure my spare tube will fit as it was a freebie at some race). Off I went homewards, every little bump in the road hurting up my spine as it hits the rim.

Homewards I had stopped at a Church, whether it was to try and lift my spirits or just for the light at the gate, you decide. Anyway the other half of the bomb (CO2 canister the politically correct description) used off I roll homeward bound. Now this is where it got interesting, that pain up my spine as the rim hits the bumps in the road I spent the last few kilometres in the standing position trying to take weight of the back. I don’t want to walk home! Probably looking very odd to all commuters going to work in my standing cycling position I refused to give up that I will reach my house.

Stopped for enlightenment and to lift my spirits (inflate tyre) to just keep on going

Stopped for enlightenment and to lift my spirits (inflate tyre) to just keep on going

But alas, I did not. Off the bike and start walking, hey I can write it off to cross training! Anyway now for tomorrow – do I fix my flat or go spinning….

Want to know how to change a flat (when it’s not pitch dark) see it here.

Deflated Whale Out!

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