A new follower of this journey…see the past all on Facebook

New to this blog – this is how the journey started…


The Phat Boy adventure started in 2011 as an optimistic adventurer, me, attempted the 3 day stage race Wines2Whales thinking that cycling a few times, and on the road, would suffice. Well that is history now as I recorded the longest time over the three days and the team from Stillwater waited for myself and my riding partner Evert Ferreira to finish just before sunset.  Well, not to go through the same suffering of waiting for the Phat Boy to end each stage, the Stillwater team offered me a coach and a platform to record my journey and training with UCI coach Swen Lauer. The rest is history as Wines2Whales was conquered before sunset every day in Phat Boy record time every day…and so it started, getting off the coach and onto the adventure.

Those that know me might have seen a slight change in my body shape and now the journey continues to maintain and improve the current shape. This blog is about dog bites, close encounters with Mini Bus Taxi’s, falls, fitness, concerts, some running and even trail walking and some cycling with maybe a humorous twist to it. Basically it’s me writing about everyday adventures by an everyday guy’s in a quest to stay off the couch.

Live the Adventure and to see what transpired for me to end up here today – find it all on my Facebook Page (and like it if you are there)

Thanks to Chantel Rall and Nikki Ferreira to convince me to start this blog.


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