A whale of a time on Spring Day

 As we all know commitment to training can be tough some times and rolling out under the snug warmth of a duvet early on a Sunday morning, even more so. Especially after the recent snow we experienced in Cape Town, it will be cold. None the less I am an athlete in training as you all know and currently I am training for the Ride2Nowhere (ENTER NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T YET! – www.ride2nowhere.co.za) and having not been on the bike for a week I just had to get out there.


Anyway so off I go, on the road bike early morning and stepping out my door a pedal into the drizzle. No worries, should be over soon as I head down through Kalk Bay on the coastal road, the road Nikki Ferreira loves to see cyclists on seeing that it so wide and spacious for all road users to ride in safety 😉


Simon’s Town, Smutswinkel, Misty Cliffs, Kommetjie, Black Hill and Boyes Drive for a total of 74.5km ride on Spring Day. Heading into Glencairn there was mayhem as cars were parked everywhere and people were staring at the ocean, and then I saw it – a whale tale. What a sight! A sign from my co-heavy-weighted challenged friends that I made the right choice to go out and ride in exchange for the warmth of my duvet. I contemplated stopping and taking a photo, but that meant crossing the road and fighting for a space next to the rails and with my recent track record of dog bite and blood I weren’t going to risk crossing the road dodging cars and risking a human bite fighting to see a whale. I am actually sad I didn’t take the risk, (why did the whale cross the road, to take a photo of the whale – it’s bad I know) to take a photo. Privileged to life here to be outdoors and experience whales, baboons and humans in one short bike ride.


With less than two weeks left this is the week that things need to happen training wise, as it’s the last week I can push hard to be ready for Ride2Nowhere followed by the Arabella Challenge.  

No more beer for the next two weeks, but will I be able to resist….


Till next time, Blogging Whale


Spring Day

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